This statement was produced by a group of Faery tradition initiates via a consensus process in 2011 and originally published on Building on their work, this site offers writing by Anderson Faery initiates who embrace these principles.

  • Faery is a mystery tradition, with an unbroken initiatory line extending back through Victor and Cora Anderson, whom we honor as its Grandmasters.
  • Ours is a mystery tradition, which is entered only by means of initiatory rite performed by someone who is already a Faery initiate.
  • We recognize the value of individual autonomy, but we also recognize and honor the fact that our choices affect the choices of others.
  • We will not share, divulge or out the names of our initiates or their students.
  • We honor our oaths to aid and defend our brothers and sisters.
  • Faery is not information; it is the mystery and experience.
  • Faery curriculum and liturgy, and lore specific to curriculum and liturgy, are not for widespread dissemination.
  • Only initiates can teach the tradition.
  • We prefer to teach individually or in small groups. In all our teaching, direct personal contact between teacher and student is essential.
  • When we teach Faery, we do so always with a view toward initiation, although there is no guarantee that every student will be initiated.
  • We recognize that Faery is highly transformative and extremely experiential, requiring closer attention and responsibility than workshops, seminars, or intensives provide.
  • We do not charge for teaching the core of the Faery tradition.