Those who are seeking more information about Faery witchcraft and the writings of the Andersons are invited to join the Seekers of Faery Google group.

We are a friendly group of initiates from a variety of different lineages of Anderson witchcraft, collectively known as the Faery or Feri tradition.

To join, contact the site administrator.

Please include a brief note explaining your interest in Faery witchcraft with your request.

Seekers must *not* be actively studying with an Anderson lineage teacher — we do not wish to accidentally interfere with anyone’s training.

This list is a resource for seekers to ask questions about the Andersons, Faery witchcraft, and witchcraft in general. Although it is not intended as a teaching list per se, we hope it will help you determine the right spiritual path for you and provide opportunities for friendships to form.

We ask that if you are accepted by an Anderson lineage teacher for training, that you remove yourself from this list. You may also be removed if you do not post for more than three months (though you may rejoin by request).

[new as of September 2018]