This website has primarily been created to help potential students find teachers of Anderson Faery witchcraft (sometimes spelled “Feri”). The initiates listed on this site are diverse in their views, but they share a traditional approach to witchcraft, one that emphasizes close relationship, loyalty, experiential learning, and personal responsibility. We initiate only those whom we know and love as family, we do not charge money for training, and we honor our oaths to each other as a profound and lifelong commitment.

Many Faery witches maintain positive relationships with other witches of the Andersons’ lineage, regardless of whether they share our core principles. However, we do not see all initiates of Anderson lineage as meaningfully sharing a single tradition—our fundamental assumptions, our way of being, our ethos, have simply become too different.

For the well-being of all, we have set ourselves apart in order to deepen the work that is uniquely ours. We make ourselves available here so that those of like mind and spirit may more easily connect.

A Note on Seeker Responsibility: The teachers and mentors below have been listed because of their commitment to the 2011 statement of principles. However, their appearance here does not constitute a recommendation by any group or organization. If this is your first time seeking a teacher of witchcraft, please educate yourself about how to find a teacher who is a good fit for you. The Seekers Bill of Rights by Charles Mars is a good place to start.

If there are no teachers listed near you, please submit a query; we may be able to connect you with a nearby initiate who prefers not to advertise for students at this time.

United States: Northeast

Shimmer (Boston, Massachusetts area): I am open to teaching one-on-one, known as “the apprentice method,” or in very small groups (such as five or six at a time). I need to clarify that I can only teach those who are able to meet with me regularly in person–which means people in the Metro Boston area. I’ve found through experience that online teaching is not an effective strategy for accomplishing the goals I see as central to this shared work. Teaching begins with grounding, clearing, and centering, and from there is organically shaped according to the needs of the individual student. The teaching is very deeply rooted in Tradition and in respect for the blood, sweat and tears with which the Mighty Dead have watered what we do today. In accordance with Traditional Craft ethics, no financial charge is made for teaching the Craft, but students who do not devote themselves wholeheartedly to the Work quickly find that they have other things to do with their time and energy. My interests include Craft history, lore, mythic archaeology, divination (particularly Tarot and Runes), music, chanting, Men’s mysteries, plant and stone wisdom, and following the thread of the sacred fire in all things. My reflections upon magic, the Craft, and related matters can be found at my blog, leafshimmer.wordpress.com. Blessings upon all those who seek Wisdom. [Contact]

United States: East and Southeast

Swansister (Rural southeast Appalachia): I teach one-on-one in an experiential apprenticeship format. My practice and teaching are influenced by Anderson Faery, ancestor worship, herbal shamanism, ecstatic ritual, dream work, movement and intuition. I do not charge for teaching. Students must be dedicated to the work and able to meet with me regularly in person. Students will also be required to travel to and from holiday gatherings (an opportunity to work with five initiates and their students on holidays). Students must have a stable life that includes regular income, transportation, access to the internet and a cell phone. Students who are unwilling or cannot keep up with the work will be released from study. I lead a busy life and do not have the time to make people do this work. [Contact: maraseamusswan at gmail dot com]

United States: Southwest

Traci (Central Texas):  I am open to email correspondence, in-person chat, or even a Skype call with those seeking more information about Faery. My approach to witchcraft is place-based, animistic, and tantric, thus my approach to teaching is embodied and familial. If a seeker is able to meet in-person, willing to examine and dismantle worldview in order to become steeped in the Faery view, and to naturalize their practice… I may be willing to guide them down this crooked path. You can learn more about me at Confessions of a Hedge Witch. [Contact]

Helix (Central Texas):  To be Faery is to fall in love with your Self as you run straight toward that which you most fear. I teach and mentor witchcraft practitioners of all levels, including providing post-initiation mentoring. Among other roles, I am a scholar, a theologian, a parent, and a professional bodyworker. Although I have an academic background and bring that resource to my teaching, my approach to the Craft is primarily body-centered, relational, and ecstatic. Students who are struggling with their physicality, or who are seeking both greater freedom of the self and firmer boundaries, are likely to find me a good match. Interests: body and sex magic, development of personal power, group workings, comparative esotericism, ritual theory, place-based exploration, primal humanity, healing. My Craft is familial, and my teaching requires a strong personal relationship. As part of their study, students will be introduced to other trusted initiates in order to get broader mentoring. Faery students must be able to meet with me in person. If you are geographically isolated, some mentoring may be possible at a distance; however, I do not teach toward initiation in an online-only format. For initiates looking for post-initiation instruction or a wider circle of support, I can provide basic distance mentoring, but deeper or ongoing work will require in-person interaction. Inquire for details. [Contact]

United States: West Coast

Shea (Pacific Northwest): My occult interests include land-based mysticism, ancestral work, Tantrism, the mysteries of silence, liturgical and artistic expression, experimental ritualism, psychism and seership, herbalism, Hoodoo, and wilderness as the literal and embodied intersection of the human and “other” realms. For me, Feri is the art and religion of being fully human, animal and divine; mending the inexplicable with the rational, and the crucible of flesh with the pulsating infinitude of spirit and consciousness. I place a rigorous emphasis on holistic embodiment in my craft, as well as cultivated vulnerability, presence, honesty, and experiential practice, and I expect a great deal of integrity and compassion from those that would walk it with me. [Contact]

Willow Moon (Pacific Northwest): I have been teaching Witchcraft for over 20 years. I was initiated and taught by the late and much-beloved Niklas Gander, who wrote the description of our coven below. I was also taught by my dear friends Victor and Cora Anderson. I only teach in person, as the transmission of lore is from one body to the next. I do not charge any money for any teaching materials or my time teaching Witchcraft. Our coven Tidebast och Vändelrot is a Qweer friendly blue coven in that although sex magic is taught, sex is never expected or encouraged between students and teacher.

  • Our ways are truly ancient, living down where there are no words, no writing, coming from a time when the spirits moved over the darkness of the Deep – Spirits whom we still call by the Enchantments learned from mouth to ear.
  • Our ways are truly holy, keeping the profound Mysteries of Love, of Death and of Witchcraft alive, by knowledge preserved against assailants who profane in every time and in every place.  We invoke often, for what is remembered lives!
  • Our ways employ the firm and unshakable faith born of experience. Our faith springs not from blind adherence to doctrine or from inflexible zealotry. The arrogant mind is a mind closed to Mystery.  Our faith is tempered and tested in the fires of watchfulness and the slow but relentless wearing away of pebble and boulder under the waters of wisdom.
  • Our ways are artifice incarnate, the muse’s enchantment that requires our soul’s response. Poppets of pleasure and of pain, songs of yearning and celebration, drama, dance and decoration, all fruits of the soul answering art’s call.
  • And lastly, our ways are Faery, subscribing to that seldom seen and even more seldom understood way of being-in-the-world that perceives powers in plants, the airy archery of troll and elf, the sorceral subtleties in loam and living things. Our Gods are primal, our long dead ancestors are around us always. Our love is fiercely feral, our hearts black from the coal-black night out of which we and our witchcraft emerge. Our minds are nourished on the vast winds that roar in the dark between the stars. [Contact]

Cholla Soledad (Oakland, California): I wandered into Faery about 25 years ago, after having been invited to a ritual and getting kissed by a goddess I was initiated in 1998. I think of Faery training as adoption, where my apprentices become part of my magical family. Training is based on the path the student is walking in their life, using what is currently happening as a guide. Faery is about learning to live as a witch, as a person of power. Being a mixed race indigenous person and a POC informs the way I teach my classes and practice my craft. I currently have two apprentices, so I am not taking on students at this time. I will teach others in the future, if the right people knock on my door. I consider teaching my calling, and my initiates as gifts to the tradition. [Contact: seyewailo at gmail dot com]